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Capyac is a musical collective of top groodoos.

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Operation Pyramid City is in motion and cannot be stopped.


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LIVE VIDEO: Fade Out (Live)

MUSIC VIDEO: Bubblegum (from the Fis EP)

LIVE VIDEO: In Potion's bedroom, playing Mixed In

LIVE VIDEO: From Sofar Sounds LA, Breathe In Breathe Out

MUSIC VIDEO: The music video for our single Speedracer, directed by Helmut, premiered March 8 on The Fader.


FASHION LINE: See photos of our fashion line over at Bullett.

[Capyac] is what baby dance parties want to be when they grow up: the Platonic ideal, the one percent, the Jay Gatsby of dance parties. Study Breaks Magazine
With a liveshow that parallels the energy of a Parliament Funk concert poured over the colourful visuals and house cadence of Daft Punk, CAPYAC have created a wash over the music scene that can only be translated into pure funk. Beatforest
CAPYAC c'est un groupe dadaïste et rafraichissant qui redonne un coup de jeune à la french touch...Il reste néanmoins un petit regret : celui de ne pas pouvoir les voir en live. La légende raconte qu'ils réalisent des shows venus de l'espace.
A Life in a Track
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[2021] Alright feat. Charlie Random - Stream It

[2021] Lady b/w Music Sounds Better With You - Stream It | Own It

[2020] Mirror's Eye / Going Within - Stream It | Own It

[2020] Vacation (Capyac Remix) - Stream It

[2020] Animal (Capyac Remix) - Stream It | Own It

[2020] Dirty - Stream It | Video | Own It

[2019] Speedracer 7" record - Buy it

[2019] 골드러쉬 (Gold Rush) - Stream It | Own It

[2019] Baby Make Money EP - Stream It | Own It

[2018] Tim Atlas - Unwind (Capyac Remix) - Stream It

[2018] Gold Rush (Potion's Spicy Mix) - Own It | Stream It

[2018] Donny Flamingo - Vinyl | Stream It

[2017] Cool Company - Slice of Paradise (Capyac Remix) - Spotify

[2017] Cloud (single) [Crosswalk] - Stream

[2017] Fis EP - Stream / Download

[2016] Headlunge - Stream / Download

[2016] Moi Je - Profite (Capyac Magic Potion Remix) [Crosswalk] - Stream

[2016] Never Let Go (single) - Stream / Download

[2016] Bootlegs Vol. 1 EP - Free Download

[2015] Movement Swallows Us EP - Listen - Buy

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