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Capyac is the opposite of laundry day. #blastinoff2019


Zaza is the future.


JAN 28 Los Angeles - The Echo - fb event

FEB 09 Austin - In Love With a Fish-Creature from The Deep - fb | tix

FEB 14 San Diego - Winston's Ocean Beach - fb | tix

FEB 15 Tijuana - Marko Disco - fb | tix

FEB 16 Mexicali - Kassa - fb | tix

FEB 23 Los Angeles - The Peppermint Club

New Release: "Who Is Donny Flamingo?"

Who Is Donny Flamingo?

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Capyac's best work yet.
— World famous record producer Donny Flamingo
  1. Theme to Donny Flamingo
  2. Fade Out (feat. RuDi Devino
  3. Gold Rush (feat. Oolaf)
  4. Karmann Ghia
  5. Down In It (feat. Caroline Watson)
  6. Flamingo World Champion
  7. Cat Song
  8. Stamina


MUSIC VIDEO: Bubblegum (from the Fis EP)

LIVE VIDEO: In Potion's bedroom, playing Mixed In

LIVE VIDEO: From Sofar Sounds LA, Breathe In Breathe Out

MUSIC VIDEO: The music video for our single Speedracer, directed by Helmut, premiered March 8 on The Fader.


FASHION LINE: Our fashion line premiered on Bullett on June 1.

[Capyac] is what baby dance parties want to be when they grow up: the Platonic ideal, the one percent, the Jay Gatsby of dance parties. Study Breaks Magazine
With a liveshow that parallels the energy of a Parliament Funk concert poured over the colourful visuals and house cadence of Daft Punk, CAPYAC have created a wash over the music scene that can only be translated into pure funk. Beatforest
CAPYAC c'est un groupe dadaïste et rafraichissant qui redonne un coup de jeune à la french touch...Il reste néanmoins un petit regret : celui de ne pas pouvoir les voir en live. La légende raconte qu'ils réalisent des shows venus de l'espace.
A Life in a Track
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[2018] Underground (single) - Own It | Stream It

[2018] Tim Atlas - Unwind (Capyac Remix) - Stream It

[2018] Gold Rush (Potion's Spicy Mix) - Own It | Stream It

[2018] Donny Flamingo - Digital | Vinyl

[2017] Cool Company - Slice of Paradise (Capyac Remix) - Spotify

[2017] Cloud (single) [Crosswalk] - Stream

[2017] Fis EP - Stream / Download

[2016] Headlunge - Stream / Download

[2016] Moi Je - Profite (Capyac Magic Potion Remix) [Crosswalk] - Stream

[2016] Never Let Go (single) - Stream / Download

[2016] Bootlegs Vol. 1 EP - Free Download

[2015] Movement Swallows Us EP - Listen - Buy

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